About Us
Service & Support

Zhenheng sticks to the principle that Service & Quality Are Equally Important.  All Zhenheng people believe Service Creates Value.  In order to be responsible for customers and improve customers’experience, we provide a perfect service system.

Pre-sale Service:
Be a good adviser and assistant of customers.
1. Give advice on selection of equipment model;
2. Design and manufacture equipment based on customers’ requirements;
3. Provide equipment quality tests;
4. Fit equipment up for a trial run before delivery.
On-site Service:
1. Send professional technicians to customer’s site for equipment installation and debugging;
1. Offer all-around free training including equipment operation, overhaul, troubleshooting and daily maintenance.
After-sale Service:
Serve customers on line or by phone around the clock.
1. Provide technical support, for Zhenheng equipment largely adopts new technologies;
2. Help customers with operation problems and spare parts replacement.